The Impact Of Autism In The Family

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January 7, 2019

Autism does not only affect the individual who gets a diagnosis because it also impacts the family profoundly. Usually, the unit seems unprepared for the diagnosis of autism. That’s because it changes the direction of the family’s life in a way that they somehow can’t handle and imagine.

Common Challenges For Families Affected By Autism

Strain On The Marriage – Assisting someone with autism can put pressure on a marriage because of its unusual state to live in. There are times that couples tend to experience exhaustion at the same time that leads to stress and depression. With those factors, both partners end up having a miscommunication, losing cooperation, and start blaming each other for the situation.

Balancing Attention With Siblings – Taking care of kids is not an easy task. And knowing that someone needs more attention than the other can sometimes become very frustrating. That’s because an autistic child can grow very aggressive towards his siblings. From there, parents have to control physical and emotional impacts that the behavior might provide. An autistic child doesn’t put attention on what they are doing, and even if they try and hurt someone, it’s never going to be their fault.

Interaction Problem In The Family – An autistic child needs support regarding communication. Sometimes, it becomes hard to develop a relationship with other siblings because of not having anything in common. In some unfortunate events, some families hesitate on taking part in the autistic child’s life. They don’t seem to like partaking on leisure and family activities such as community outings or going to the beach. Sometimes, even going to the grocery store becomes an issue due to an embarrassing behavior that is part of having an autistic child.

Lots Of New Responsibilities – Having an autistic child, a family suffers from tons of responsibilities and appointments it needs to juggle. The whole unit might get overwhelmed with the new and ever-changing information they have to discover and learn each day. There are difficult choices they have to make, adjustments they have no control over with, and behaviors they need to consider. Since most families see autism as a puzzle, everything feels like putting pieces all together even if it does not fit and seems impossible to handle.

Sensitivity IssuesWorking positively with family members is vital in assisting a child with autism.  Because sometimes the smallest issue turns out big due to over sensitivity. Most families become focus on looking at the imperfections of raising an autistic child. It becomes a problem for all the members of the unit, especially if other people point at the condition. And since the family needs to deal with the situation 24/7, it impacts aspects such as relationship, responsibilities, priorities, engagements, and communication, and social interaction.

A Valued Assistance – A family needs assistance in handling an autistic child. But sometimes, it’s not that easy to have it. The help they can get is temporarily part of their lives, but the situation they are at is going to be part of them forever. With that, the unit still handles everything and continues to care for the child seven days a week. The weight of the challenges and responsibilities for the family with is often irresistible that they require professional assistance.

Emotional And Mental Instability – Families who take so much responsibility in dealing with an autistic child becomes emotionally and mentally unstable. For them, the bad days of their lives grow over the top. Though frequent bad behavioral encounter sometimes makes the family get used to the situation, there are still some instances that they almost want to give up. In some unfortunate events, the bad circumstances outweigh the good ones.

Not Everyone Understands The Situation – Yes, a family may get used to doing the things they need to do every day considering their situation. However, not all members of the family can easily understand it. Couples may see it as a determining factor of responsibility and priority, while others don’t seem to care. Some family members might not cooperate, and it may lead to severe unit dysfunction. With that, the whole point of taking care of an autistic child becomes more weary and depressing.

Societal Judgment – Though in some instances the problem gets resolved in many ways, there are still some parts of the society that doesn’t want to deal with the situation directly. That’s because in other people’s point of view, assisting an autistic child is depressing due to its life-long responsibilities. They somehow feel scared and hesitant to get attached to its situation.

The love and care of the family overcome many challenges they take. Many of them also find help, hope, and acceptance in the situation of having an autistic child. The unit embraces and accepts the differences in their lives because they know they are still blessed. And even if there are only limited choices, most families’ wouldn’t trade their situation for anything in the world.

Understanding The 2014 Houston Autism Statistics   

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December 20, 2018


There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to dealing with children, one of which is the 2014 Houston autism statistics. As a parent of someone who has an autism spectrum disorder, it is crucial for you to check the reports or studies conducted by various organizations so that you will have an idea about the latest statistics.

For today’s article, our primary focus is about the things that parents must do when it comes to taking good care of a child with autism. Here are some of the things that you must do:


Stop Stressing Yourself

Give yourself a chance to take a break from your usual routine of handling the day-to-day challenges of rearing an autistic child. Do not feel bad to relax and de-stress. Fortunately, there are several ways on how you can make this happen. You can go shopping to improve your mood or take a quick vacation.


Be Patient

As already stated above, an autistic child is not easy to handle. This kid will have some peculiarities that will test the limits of your patience. As such, it is ideal to keep your cool at all times. Remind yourself that some symptoms for autism can be annoying, but you have to accept it. Increase your patience and understanding at all times.



Seek Help

One of the most common mistakes of parents with autistic children is that they do not know how to ask for help or assistance from other people. Make sure that you do not end up like these parents. Do not hesitate to call on a friend or a family member whenever you need some support. They will be more than willing to respond to your requests.

Caring for a child with autism may be challenging, but it is worth it.


Expert Recommendations: Top Autism Applications For Kids

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November 15, 2018

Technology has a significant role in addressing many medical problems. In the case of autism, technology has revolutionized on how parents, educators, and therapists treat kids. Online applications are helpful in providing visuals to improve communication, creating structure in a child’s daily schedule, and supporting transitions in decreasing the chances of anxiety and stress.


Family Stress And Autism Spectrum Disorder 

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Current Trends In Autism Research – Hope For The Future

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August 17, 2017


Like many other conditions, Autism has become a major research focus for researchers in most part of the world over the years. Based on available reports, one in forty-two boys and one in eighty-nine girls suffer from autism in the United States of America alone, and might have become an issue for institutions such as . Moreover, there are around seven hundred thousand people in the United Kingdom living with autism.

Preparing Your Teen With Autism Spectrum Disorder For The Adult World

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July 22, 2017


As parents, all we want to do for our children is to raise them in a way that they can grow into confident and competent adults. This can be challenging enough in itself. But, when you have a child who experiences difficulties with speech, social integration and some problematic behaviors, this can become even more overwhelming. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is unfortunately not something that people can grow out of and is a lifelong disorder. However, with support and good preparation, children with this disorder can grow into confident and successful adults.

Helping A Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder Through School

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Given the many challenges that are experienced by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (also known as ASD), if you have a child with this diagnosis, you might be wondering how to tackle school.

Online Help for Parents with Autistic Children

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June 9, 2017
mental health

Coping with a child with autism can be extremely difficult. You may love your child but there comes a time when you need a little help with autism. Every family goes through a different experience and having someone to talk you through things can be extremely important. However, what autism help is there for parents? Yes, you have regular doctors, support workers but what if that isn’t enough and you want to talk to someone at three in the morning? You might find online help to be extremely important instead.